Cargo transportation

Cargo transportation

For our customers, we also offer services in the dismantling and removal of furniture. Payment can be made in several ways: In advance the agreed amount., 2. On the fact of the works performed. 3. On the account of the furniture you want to sell. Transportation is carried out only
professionals who clearly fulfill all the tasks and conditions set by the client (that is you). All transportation specialists have extensive experience in moving and dismantling both ordinary and elite furniture. All cars used for transportation are always clean and equipped with special materials to preserve your belongings in the form in which they were before the start of transportation. There are no impossible tasks for us.

I want to move furniture!

  1. In the window of the application for the sale of furniture indicate «moving» or call the specified phones or leave a request for mail. It is also possible to immediately send a message to Votsap or vibER on any given phone.
  2. We estimate the amount of work (preferably on the photos that you do in advance and send one of the listed methods)
  3. We choose the most convenient for you scheme of work: A certain amount, on the fact of work or in the account of furniture you want to sell.
  4. We determine the date and time that is convenient for you.
  5. Then, at a specified time, a team of specialists comes to you and relocates. After that, you pay for the work done or the team takes away the furniture in the account of which the move was made.
  6. In case of force majeure situations, please immediately call on the numbers indicated on the site.


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